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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!

Our goal is to provide fellow collectors and historians with quality military collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

With 40 years of experience in the field, we can provide the serious hobbyist or novice collector with items seldom offered elsewhere. Our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and our liberal 5-day inspection time, assures our customer that they can buy with confidence from Stewarts'.

We ship by USPS Priority Mai or Express Mail with full insurance and tracking. A tracking number will be given to you on the day your order is shipped.

A brief guide to navigating our site, if you are interested in a particular nationality to view, simply click on the appropriate national icon on the left side of the screen this will pull all of that nationalities items onto one page for you to view. Or use our Search Box for a specific item. A new feature located at the top is the SITE NEWS section. Just click on that for the full story.

We invite you to visit our online catalog and ask you to please bookmark this site as our inventory is constantly changing and we update our site nearly every day. Our site is up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are available in the office usually Monday through Friday between 9 to 4. Sometimes we are out of town at a show but we do answer our e-mails while we are away if you have questions.

We are also active buyers of quality militaria from Civil War through WWII.

Should you have one item or a collection, please contact us for a fair offer. We hope that you will find something of interest for your collection. Please Enjoy!, and please e-mail us your comments on our website

Larry & Terri Stewart
Stewart's Military Antiques E-Mail:
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Newest Updates:

US WWII Carlisle Bandage
Original era manufacture. Standard WWII GI Bandage issued to every soldier. Unopened can, right out of an original WWII cardboard box of 10. Minor
US Post Civil War Confederate Reunion Medal, Forrest Cavalry Corps
Original era manufacture. A scarce period medal from a local purchase here in Arizona. Bronze colored alloy ladder-type badge, with an aluminum
German WWII HJ District Triangle, Nord-Nordmark, RZM Tag
Original era manufacture. BeVo style embroidery, dark gold on black, original paper RZM glued to the reverse. Normal age and wear.   
German Pre WWI Hessen Enlisted Buckle
Original era manufacture. A stamped brass, enlisted pattern buckle, as worn by the soldiers from the Grand Duchy of Hesse, during, and prior to WWI.
German WWII Luftwaffe Pebbled Aluminum Drooptail Enlisted Buckle, Unit Marked, 1936
Original era manufacture. A well used example of pebbled aluminum with its original sewn, unit marked, brown leather adjusting tab. Spots of
German Pre WWI M1845 Pattern Prussian Enlisted Buckle, 3 Solder Point Reverse
Original period manufacture. A very nice example displaying a mellow brass patina to the body of the buckle and a nickel center disc, with three
German WWII Luftwaffe Eagle Cut from Uniform
Original era manufacture. German WWII Luftwaffe enlisted eagle, which is zig-zag stitched to a portion of the uniform from which it was cut. Normal
Japanese WWII Navy Correspondence 2nd Class Proficiency Badge
Original era manufacture. An early quality example of nickel alloy, brown painted obverse with a gilded anchor mum and crossed pins. Wide pine
US WWII Italian Made 5th Army SSI and Ribbon Bar
Original era manufacture. Italian produced 5th Army patch from the estate of a GI who served with an Engineer unit in Italy during the war. This is
Japanese WWII Replica Canteen Stoppers
These great copies are carved from a single piece of wood and are perfect replacements for those often missing original canteen stoppers. They have
US Korean War M1 Carbine Magazine Pouch, JQMD 1951
Original era manufacture. Dark OD canvas pouch which is maker marked and dated under the flap. Very clean, storage wear only. Several in stock, minor
German WWII K98 Rifle Sight Hood Cover
Original era manufacture. Tempered steel hoods with a blue finish. All removed from Norwegian capture K98 rifles at the end of WWII. We have several
US WWII Pattern US Navy Donald Duck Hat, Mint
Original era manufacture. We recently purchased an intact carton of 16 of these mint condition hats. Sizes available are  7 only. All are near
Indo-Persian, 19th Century Tulwar Sword
Original era manufacture. Classic Indo-Persian Tulwar Sword of all steel construction, with a 30 inch curved steel blade. About midway down the
Japanese WWII Leather Rear Ammunition Pouch and Oiler
Original era manufacture. Leather Rear Ammunition Pouch with an interior divider with an original oiler tucked snugly into
US Post WWII, Japanese Mfg, GHQ SE Pacific SSI, Sewn to Uniform
Original era manufacture. A beautiful, Japanese manufactured GHQ SE Pacific SSI, carefully chainstitched to a portion of the sleeve of the Ike Jacket
US WWII Army Ordnance Dept Badge, Small Size
Original era manufacture. Gilded bronze badge with an enameled obverse, about the size of a US Army DI. Light age and wear.
US Post Civil War Miniature GAR Medal Set, Gold
Original era manufacture. Two pinback miniature GAR medals made in a low caret gold with an enameled obverse. No enamel damage, blob of rubber cement
US WWII Era US Navy Man's Ring, Gilded Brass
Original era manufacture. A well made brass ring with a gilded finish and an applied fouled anchor USN emblem at front. Finger opening measures 20
US WWII Named Good Conduct Medal, 1st Cavalry Division, Iowa Soldier
Original era manufacture. A slot brooch, Army Good Conduct Medal, engraved onto the reverse, Vernon E. Longstreth, a soldier from Iowa. Doing a bit
US WWII USMC Marine P1944 Camouflage Trousers
Original era manufacture. Bright and clean with strong colors with a 36 inch waist and 31 inch inseam. Reversible, green to brown, with all snaps and
US WWII Pack Extender, British Made 1944
Original era manufacture. Light OD canvas pack extender for the M1910 pattern knapsack. Maker marked and dated 1944 with its cloth pull strap
Japanese WWII Type 97 Fragmentation Grenade INERT
Original era manufacture. This is a fairly complete example with about 80% of its original gloss black paint finish remaining. Faint white Kanji
Japanese WWII Time Expired Soldiers League Badge
Original era manufacture. Small pattern badge with a pinback reverse and an applied brass star. Shows normal age and wear, several in stock so minor
British WWII Light Service Respirator & Carrier,
Original era manufacture. Black rubber facemask with appears to be 44 dates in two places. Dark gray painted removable filter canister with postwar
US Post Civil War GAR Framed Medal Lot, Large Size
Original era manufacture. A large format gold painted oval wood frame with a domed glass cover. Inside is a large pattern GAR membership medal which
US Indian Wars/Spanish American War, M1889 Solar Helmet
Original era manufacture. Pressed cork body with a tan cotton covering, with a green wool chintz lining to the underside of the visors. Wide
Japanese WWII, Late War Type 30 Bayonet & Frog, TALW
Original era manufacture. A very clean example of a late war produced Type-30 bayonet made by Toyada Automatic Loom Works. The most remarkable
Swiss Model 1889 Schmidt-Rubin Bayonet, Kiesling No.168
Original period manufacture. Clean, polished steel blade with matching finish pommel and guard. Sound original finish wood grips with very minor
US Pre WWI 38 Revolver Holster Rock Island Arsenal 1909
Original period manufacture. A basically sound example but missing its leather barrel plug and brass tie loop. Pliable brown leather with clear
US Spanish-American War Era, M1889, US Navy Pistol Cartridge Box
Original era manufacture. Black bridle leather construction with a wooden insert which accommodates two packages of .38 pistol ammunition, in
German WWI Private Purchase Sendler Lamp & Notebook Flashlight
Original era manufacture. A very unusual private purchase flashlight, marked Sendler Lampe, DRP. Black painted steel casing with a hinged protective
US WWII Style Novelty Dog Tags, 3 Piece Lot
Original era manufacture. An interesting lot of three WWII pattern dogtags which have been officially stamped out on a dogtag machine, two
US Civil War Leather Cavalry Carbine Cartridge Box, Dingee & Lorigan Mfg
Original era manufacture. A basically sound Cavalry pattern cartridge box, with the inner wood block, and both belt loops present. The flap is
German WWII K98 Rifle Sling Complete
Original era manufacture. Standard brown leather K98 rifle sling which is complete with the stock tab, small leather loop, and a
US WWII Dog Tag Set, USNR, De-132
Original era manufacture. Navy pattern tags named to a sailor who received his tetanus inoculation in August of 1943.  Matching tags with a
US WWII WAVES or Spars Book set
Original era publication. US WWII Waves or Spars 1943 booklet on How to serve your Country, The Story of you in Navy Blue booklet and Service Women's
Japanese WWII 2nd Class Private Collar Rank
Original WWII manufacture, BeVo style embroidery on olive wool backing. Several sets in stock so minor details will vary. Sold in pairs.
Japanese WWII Army EM Cap Insignia
We were fortunate to obtain a few original examples of this often missing enlisted hat emblem. They can be used on a variety of headgear to include
Japanese WWII Replica Helmet Star
We're pleased to offer these first class replicas of Japanese Army helmet stars, stamped steel, painted in the proper color, with rounded edges to
German WWII Luftwaffe Bread Bag Strap
Original WWII Manufactured Luftwaffe Bread Bag Strap in unissued condition. Luftwaffe blau canvas strap with leather ends and metal fittings. Several
German WWII Infantry Assault Badge, FLL
Original era manufacture. A very clean zinc example with traces of its original silver finish remaing. FLL maker marked reverse, with the odd riveted
US-British, WWI 1st Model Helmet, Raw Edge, Brodie Patent Stamped
Original era manufacture. A rather scarce helmet, made without the edge binding, and sporting an original camouflage paint finish. The helmet is
German WWII Kriegsmarine Sailors Framed Print, Z38
Original era manufacture. This small framed print was produced in 1955, and tells the tale of the service of Obermechanicsmaat Hans Giebel aboard the
German WWII Army Officer Dress Belt and Buckle Set
Original era manufacture. Army officers pattern dress belt with a silver wire outer covering with two dark green embroidered stripes.
German WWII K98 Ammunition Pouch Set Matched Maker 1943 Date
Original era manufacture. A war-time manufactured set of black pebbled leather pouches with sewn construction, and gray painted
German WWII K98 3 Pocket Leather Ammunition Pouch, 1942
Original era manufacture. A very clean example of pebble grain black leather with white top stitching. The rawhide clip dividers are in place,
German WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class With Issue Envelope
Original era manufacture. Standard WWII EK2, however, in this instance, right out of the envelope.A good deal of the original plating and
German WWII NSDAP 15 year Long Service Medal
Original era manufacture. A very clean medal, with nice enameling, early quality construction of a silver washed alloy cross with plated highlights.
US WWII WAC Leather Ankle Shoes, Large Size
Original era manufacture. Size 9-10 Brown leather oxford service shoes. Large size in very good condition. Simplex Shoe Company. Looks like they

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